green frog
This frog likes my back porch at night.  The porch light attracts bugs, and he eats them.

albino squirrelMy parents leave food for the squirrels, so this albino one likes their back fence.  To have albinism, this squirrel had to inhert two recessive genes for the trait.

Welcome to Stroud's AHSGE Science Practice Page !

AHSGE Biology Review Questions
from the Item Specifications
Below your will find links to practice tests with feedback.  These questions come from the Item Specificaitons for the Biology AHSGE released by the Alabama State Department of Education.  The feedback to each question was created by the website author and is NOT endorsed or approved by the ALSDE.  Please inform the webmaster of any typos, errors, or requests for revision.

Standard 1:  Select appropriate laboratory equipment...
Standard 2:  Homeostasis processes....
Standard 3:  Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration...
Standard 4:  5-Kingdom, 6-Kingdom and Organelles...
Standard 5:  Levels of Organization...

Below are 20 question quizzes with randomized questions from the item specifications for the Biology exam.

Practice Quiz 1:  Random Questions from Standards 1-5
Practice Quiz 2:  Random Questions from Standards 1-5

Teacher Created AHSGE Prep. Questions
Should also help those taking high school Biology.
Below your will find links to practice tests with feedback.  These questions are teacher created to help students review some of the eligible content tested on the science graduation exam.

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